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80 photos to choose the right one!

tattoos-tattoos-written lettering-2

A tattoo is forever … or almost! Although you can retrace your steps, the intention of take a tattoo is equivalent to the desire to impress indelibly on their skin, and throughout life, a clear message to be communicated to themselves or to others. But how to choose the right tattoo ? How to orientate better in finding the most ...

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35 + modern pixie to use by the end of the year!

modern pixie-pixie-modern

winter and the end of the year is upon us, and never as now may be useful in order to revitalize your look, and make it more in line with contemporary trends . That, for instance, seem to significantly reward who will choose short hair or short series, to be presented in a thousand and one ways, riding the trend ...

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40 bob with bangs or fringe to consider for the 2017

bob-with-bangs bob-with-tuft

If in recent years we have affectionately below – hopefully you! – You should well know that bob is one of short hair styles medium or long that we have come to appreciate and to show with the greater frequency and passion. And why we have dedicated hundreds of insights: versatile, flexible, customizable, always fashionable … i helmets of any ...

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Space-saving Christmas tree, even in small packages


tired of the usual Christmas tree? Or do you have space problems, you don’t like the fake tree, you don’t want to have to collect needles from the carpet or your ecological awareness will stop you to sacrifice a FIR? Here are the right solutions for you: a series of Christmas trees that resemble in form that traditional, but they ...

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Special shower: choose several pieces and put them together!


The most common spaces is solved with production models. And some news “special” also allow you to make the most original solutions. Even where it seems impossible. A wide range of different proposals, where functionality and style come together. To choose carefully, because showering is one of the small pleasures of life … Here are the various components to choose ...

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IKEA: lights and decorations for Christmas


Christmas holidays are approaching and it’s time to create the right atmosphere in the home to welcome friends and family to enjoy your holidays. The Christmas 2016 is based on tradition, characterized by a simple style which prefers warm, natural materials such as wool, leather, linen, felt and wood and metal, with typical patterns and prints of December and colors ...

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Medium long hair, which is ideal for autumn winter style?

medium-long hair-

medium long haircuts? Will be very fashionable over the next few days, and are ideal candidates to keep you company during the colder months, allowing therefore an easy ferry to next spring and, therefore, toward a condition of renewed appeal. But what are the medium long hairstyles that you should evaluate in full view of winter? What are the styles ...

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who is, loves and work

gemma-gemma galgani-1-galgani-1

his participation to the throne over men and women did discuss, dream, entertain viewers who are passionate about its history , especially those shared with the suitor George Manetti . But who really is Gemma Galgani? We find out together within this biography ! l Lady of the throne Over is a character of men and women (for example in ...

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37 wonderful haircuts from the style back!


you want to make a comfortable stylistic switches to a hairstyle and formal glamour ? Nothing better than to look back in time and approach in an elegant style and retro … naturally short! Contrary to what some claim, even short hair can give you endless opportunities for customization, and will simply add a wave, a patch or a fringe ...

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the life of the winner of big brother 4

serena garitta serena-garitta

-serena garitta who is Serena Garitta? Serena was born in the beautiful Liguria on May 24, 1978. Genovese, grows as a normal girl until he won the selections to participate in big brother 4 . And although this is the fourth edition of a program that is already well established, Serena Garitta is appreciated for its spontaneity from the classic ...

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